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I’m Misty Severi, an experienced breaking news reporter currently working for the Washington Examiner. Throughout my career, I’ve reported on significant events and covered stories ranging from politics to protests to the lives of everyday Americans. 

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About Me

Journalism has been my passion since college. I studied journalism and history, graduating with honors from California Baptist University in 2021. As a student journalist, I won several awards from my university and the California College Media Association for outstanding reporting and field journalism. 

Since then, I’ve continuously worked in journalism roles and gained valuable perspective into the industry. I freelanced with organizations like The College Fix website and the Press Enterprise newspaper while also working as a stringer for the Associated Press. For the AP, I called in live election results from Riverside County for the 2020 general election and California primaries.

Professionally, I began writing after graduating from university with a degree in journalism. I was hungry to enter the news media world, so I landed my first job as a beat reporter for a local newspaper. In this role, I sharpened my skills at crafting compelling articles on tight deadlines, conducting thorough interviews, and building strong community connections to identify impactful stories on topics ranging from local business openings to school board policies to Social Security funding changes.

After years of diligent local reporting, I was ready to expand my reach by joining a prominent online news site as a political news contributor. I relished analyzing the twists and turns of various political races, opining on their implications, and providing in-depth coverage of Washington’s inner workings. My insightful analytical articles earned me a dedicated readership wanting to understand better issues around campaign finance, voter rights, and election integrity.

My goal has always been to inform the public and highlight important issues. I believe there’s nothing more vital to democracy than having well-informed citizens. Throughout my career, I’ve aimed to provide unbiased, truthful reporting to help readers understand events shaping our communities and country.

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I’m currently a full-time breaking news reporter with the Washington Examiner, a role I began in August 2021. My primary responsibility is reporting on late-breaking stories and getting news out to readers as events unfold. It’s a fast-paced job that requires resourcefulness and constant attention to the latest developments.  

On any given day, I may cover protest movements, political decisions emanating from Capitol Hill or the White House, Supreme Court rulings, domestic security issues, severe weather events, public health crises…the list goes on. The news never stops, and neither do I. 

Being a breaking news reporter means long, irregular hours. News can happen at any time, day or night. I have to be willing to wake up in the middle of the night to cover major stories as they develop or work weekends and holidays when other reporters may be off. 

It’s challenging but gratifying work. I witness history in the making and know my reporting makes a real impact by keeping citizens informed. There’s nothing quite like being the first to report significant news as it unfolds.

Experiencing America as a Student of Society

I consider myself a lifelong “student of America.” I’ve traveled to this country (48 states) to learn about its diverse people, cultures, and histories. 

During college, I lived and worked minimum-wage jobs in truck stops and restaurants across rural Montana and North Dakota. Residing in transient housing and mobile homes gave me on-the-ground experience interacting with all walks of American life. This has made me more understanding of the challenges everyday citizens face across this country.

As a reporter, these firsthand experiences help me better relate to and tell the stories of the people I cover. I know what it’s like to work demanding jobs and wonder where your next paycheck will come from. This perspective shapes my reporting and keeps me grounded when covering major institutions like Congress, courts, and the presidency. 

I aim to always blend hard-hitting factual reporting with the human stories of how political decisions impact real lives outside the Beltway. This provides readers with a fuller understanding of the issues.

Covering Major News Stories

Some major news events I’ve reported on include the January 6th Capitol attack aftermath, Supreme Court abortion decisions, the 2022 midterm elections, White House policy shifts, and domestic violent extremism. 

During the January 6 hearings, I reported live from Capitol Hill, providing breaking updates as representatives questioned witnesses about the attack. This required sifting through volumes of evidence and testimony to report core findings for readers on tight deadlines.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, stripping away federal abortion rights, I covered rapidly emerging state-level legislation and traveled to report firsthand on how clinics and health providers were responding. 

My election coverage involved:

  • Tapping sources to report early results.
  • Analyzing early voting trends.
  • Identifying key races would determine Senate/House control late into the evening.

This required stamina through a long night while accurately assessing new developments.  

Moreover, I also watch domestic extremist groups closely and have covered several high-profile acts of racially/politically motivated violence, like the Buffalo supermarket shooting. Reporting on these traumatic events can be emotionally taxing but critical for public understanding.

Whether it’s volatile social issues, government dysfunction, public health threats, natural disasters, or financial crises, reporters like me bring the latest news to light so Americans know what’s happening. It’s a duty I take immense pride in.

Misty Severi and The Future of Journalism 

Why this Website

I aim for this website to offer the definitive destination for anyone seeking out my particular brand of savvy, intelligent, and integrity-driven reporting earned through years of holding major media roles spanning iconic newspapers, magazines, websites, TV networks, and radio shows nationwide. 

Here, you will find articles reflecting my track record of producing trustworthy insights on pivotal emerging issues around election integrity, voting rights, technology policy, campaign finance reform, healthcare access, infrastructure investment, Social Security debates, and more.

I appreciate all readers – from loyal longtime followers to those discovering my work for the first time through this site. I am proud of my body of political journalism focused on elucidating current events while spurring civic discourse and positive democratic reforms. 

Please follow this website and my social channels connected above to receive updates on my latest published articles, media appearances analyzing today’s most pressing topics, new podcast episodes downloaded by millions, and professional endeavors to perfect our promising yet imperfect democratic experiment.   


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